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Kate & Lincoln

Published: 17/08/12 + Updated:1/04/20 by Simon Fazackarley

After meeting them, hanging out with them for their engagement session in Surrey & getting to know them over the course of a year – Kate & Lincoln’s Pangdean Barn wedding was a day that couldn’t arrive quick enough for me – every time I saw that Kate had visited my website (My web stats show a lot of visits from San Francisco, I don’t know anyone other than K&L in SF!) the anticipation increased just that bit more! So even though the weather was not kind (massive understatement), it was still a brilliant, beautiful day filled to the brim with emotion, excitement & fun.

I adore doing weddings for people who live overseas – often they haven’t seen their friends and family in some time, especially all together – so it really adds to the sense of occasion and makes the photographs all the more important.

Kate grew up around Sussex, so it was only natural for her to come back here for her wedding, to get married at the family church and celebrate amongst her Sussex based family and friends. They also brought a not-so-small contingent of world travellers, with people hailing from various parts of America and all across the world – so many wonderfully interesting people!

They got married at the beautiful St Peters Church in Ardingly, before heading over to one of my favourite local venues Pangdean Barns. I do love a good barn wedding & Pangdean Barn weddings are always brilliant, Michael, Nikki and the team always have everything running like clockwork and even on a day of pretty bad weather everything went smoothly.

Slight side story, I was talking to Kate during the day, and mentioned how disappointed I was for them that the weather had turned out so badly – certainly not something to expect in the middle of summer! But Kate said something that that will stick with me for ever.

She said that the weather didn’t matter, and that she was grateful that I was there capturing photographs of her friends and family having an amazing time, that those were the images that mattered the most to her and those were the images I was capturing.

That truly resonated with me and is certainly something I’ll carry with me forever.

It’s not about the weather, the location or the details – of course, all of those things add to the story, matter and deserve capturing. But the point is – weddings are about the people. It’s the people, the moments and the personal stories where the true magic of wedding photography lies.

Onward with the important story! I started the day briefly with Lincoln in the pub. Mainly as I’d already been to see Kate, when the bridesmaids, in various state of preparedness, ran away like startled deer – albeit way more glamorous. Meeting with the boys for a little gave them all time to prepare for the day, so by the time I came back they were excited to be in photos!

After that little introduction to Lincoln, it’s time to head back to Kate.

I usually carry a leatherman multitool in my bag at weddings, useful for opening, fixing & cutting all manner of things & solving wedding crisis’ – but never has it featured in any of my photos before though…

This is the point where the rain started, only a minor drizzle at this stage… but more was on the way! They got married in the lovely St Peters Church.

Rain isn’t something to get us down on a wedding day, check out our tips on what to do if it rains on your wedding day!

After the wedding, the bus took everyone onto Pangdean Barns, Sussex has some great barn wedding venues – we’ve had the pleasure of shooting at most of them but Pangdean is certainly one of the best.

As it was a largely indoors day, spent hiding from the rain, I thought it wise to record exactly what it was like outside.

Venue: St. Peter’s Church
Venue: Pangdean Barn
Band: Disco Fever
Cake: Hunger Pangs/Pangdean Barn
Dress: Jenny Packham

Katie and Jason

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing Katie & Jason’s wonderful wedding at St. Margaret’s Church, Ditching & Pangdean Barns. I love Pangdean barn weddings – I’ve had the opportunity to shoot there a lot before, it’s really close to my house & it’s just such a beautiful venue – the staff are top notch too!

It was such a great fun day – including some of the most epic ceilidh dancing I’ve ever seen – I was tired just watching them! Katie’s dad is a musician & told me he has been to Pangdean a few times as a performer – so it was only natural that he ended up on the stage later in the evening!

Here are a few of my favourites from the day –

Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-002 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-003 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-004 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-005 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-006 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-007 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-008 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-009 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-010 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-011 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-012 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-013 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-014 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-015 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-016 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-017 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-018 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-019 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-020 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-021 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-022 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-023 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-024 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-025 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-026 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-027 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-028 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-029 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-030 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-031 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-032 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-033 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-034 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-035 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-036 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-037 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-038 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-039 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-040 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-041 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-042 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-043 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-044 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-045 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-046 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-047 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-048 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-049 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-050 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-051 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-052 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-053 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-054 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-055 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-056 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-057 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-058 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-059 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-060 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-061 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-062 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-063 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-064 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-065 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-066 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-067 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-068 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-069 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-070 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-071 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-072 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-073 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-074 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-075 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-076 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-077 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-078 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-079 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-080 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-081 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-082 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-083 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-084 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-085 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-086 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-087 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-088 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-089 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-090 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-091 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-092 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-093 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-094 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-095 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-096 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-097 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-098 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-099 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-100 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-101 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-102 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-103 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-104 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-105 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-106 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-107 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-108 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Katie-Jason-109

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