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Emma & Dan

Published: 10/09/10 + Updated:24/04/19 by Simon Fazackarley

Last month was crazy, I shot more weddings in August, than I did in my entire first year of business & and I loved every single one!

Emma & Dan are awesome, totally lovely people & I knew their wedding day was going to be a stylish affair! After seeing how relaxed & fun they were in front of the camera on their engagement session it was a day I’d been looking forward to for ages!  OK, so it rained a bit… but that didn’t stop them having a great time & it certainly didn’t stop me getting pretty pictures…

I had the brilliant Mister Phill shooting with me for this wedding, I usually work alone – (to blend in ninja stylee), but sometimes it’s nice to work as a team & when you gotta work with someone – you gotta make sure they’re awesome. (& can blend in equally as ninja stylee.)

Huge thanks to Emma & Dan for including me in your day – It was awesome!! Hope you love your photos as much as I loved taking them!! All of the planning & effort you put into your wedding, you’ve made my portfolio infinitely stronger!! :) – can’t wait to get your album printed!!

And another massive, massive thanks to Mister Phill for shooting with me on this one!

Here are some of my favourites from the day!

Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-03 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-06 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-29 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-30 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-02 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-25 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-27 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-31 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-36 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-08 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-10 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-14 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-11 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-34 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-12 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-24 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-21 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-38 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-15 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-16 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-17 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-18 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-19 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-22 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-23 Pangdean-Barn-Wedding-Fazackarley-Emma-and-Dan-20

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