Pembroke Lodge Wedding (Richmond Park Wedding Venue)

Arni & Mark

Published: 3/08/13 + Updated:1/04/20 by Simon Fazackarley

Arni and Mark were blessed with glorious sunshine for their wedding at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park in London.

Pembroke Lodge is a stunning venue in one of the loveliest areas of London, Richmond. We get to go to Surrey for a lot of weddings – at places like Hampton Court House, but Pembroke Lodge is a new one to us – something special for sure – situated right in the middle of the park surrounded by acres of gorgeous countryside and an abundance of curious deer – and with the most beautiful wisteria growing over the main entrance to the house – Its idyllic and a truly perfect spot for a wedding!

Arni and Mark are a lovely relaxed couple, Mark is the Head Chef at the nearby Bingham Hotel, so they filled their day with wonderful food, and clearly have a keen eye for details. Arni was keen to ensure that their friends and family, many of whom had travelled far and wide to be a part of their day were all well taken care of, and treated to a variety of delicious hand-picked hors d’oeuvres and wonderfully selected wines.

Arni’s bridal prep took place in the Richmond Hill Hotel, just a few moments drive from Richmond Park and Pembroke Lodge, where the ceremony and reception took place.

After the most beautiful, intimate and emotional ceremony, I managed to steal Arni and Mark away for some couple shots up on Richmond Hill and a few around the park, before we headed back to join the rest of the wedding party at the Lodge for the rest of the day’s celebrations.

Arni had told me about her plans for the evenings entertainment, it was a big secret from everyone else – she had hired a singing waiter to surprise Mark by performing during the evening. Shortly after their meal had finished had everyone was ushered into the lounge for drinks and music, and whilst the ‘waiter’ was serving drinks – he suddenly burst into song! Half the guests were delighted and half confused – but everyone was laughing and having a great time! Surprise successful!

After this Arni and her friends treated everyone to a Bollywood inspired performance, and by the end everyone was joining in and having an incredible time!

All in all, a beautiful wedding, a stunning venue and a wonderful couple – congratulations Arni and Mark!

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