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Jo & Tom

Published: 6/08/14 + Updated:28/11/18 by Simon Fazackarley

Jo & Tom’s story is of a holiday romance that blossomed into true love.

I first met Jo and Tom when I did an engagement session in the Surrey Hills a few months ago. We had so much fun that day so I knew that their wedding was going to be awesome.

Jo got ready at her parents house in Woking so I started the day with her there for croissants, bubbly and to meet the rest of her bridal party. It turns out they were all as smiley and friendly as Jo!

When it came to the ceremony itself later in the day, photography  unfortunately wasn’t permitted, which was a bit of a shame, but you’ll just have to
take my word that the legal bit did happen and it was lovely!

After the ceremony everyone headed off to Bury Court for the reception. I’ve actually done a few weddings at Bury Court and it never disappoints – it’s such a lovely venue and it really comes to life when the bride and groom put their own special touches to the day. For Jo and Tom this was homemade gingerbread men wedding favours, gorgeous summer flowers and all the guests tables were named after places that had played an important part in Jo & Tom’s lives. And during the speeches guests were treated to not one but two slide shows that had been put together by Jo and Tom’s close family and friends – touching family stories and the obligatory collection of embarrassing photos provided plenty of tears and giggles!

To the amazing Jo and Tom, thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!

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