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A few weeks back, on what must have been the hottest day of the year, Kathy and Greg celebrated their wedding at a brand new wedding venue near Windsor in Surrey – The beautiful Amber Lakes. We were told they were only the second couple to have had their wedding at Amber Lakes (so far!), so we feel incredibly privileged to have been able to share their wedding day with them.

Amber Lakes is a cracking venue, set against the backdrop of a stunning lake, and yet just a stone’s throw away from central London – a winning location for sure. We often find ourselves in Surrey for weddings at Bury Court and

Kathy and Greg had an engagement session a few weeks ago, so I knew they were going to be good to work with, they’re super relaxed. Plus, they are friends of Catherine and Jon, whose wedding we photographed a few years back – so we had an idea that the crowd was going to be fun. It’s always lovely to catch up with couples we’ve worked with before, and it’s always flattering to receive those word of mouth recommendations!

Kathy had told me about her plans for the day, being a professional events planner – the day was meticulously organised – literally down to the minute. I started the day with Kathy in Windsor, at the lovely Harte and Garter Hotel – it was surreal to be there, having seen it on the television a few months ago when Meghan and Harry tied the knot! But what a stunning place to get ready.

Kathy kept it low key in the morning, not wanting to be the centre of attention and choosing to have her lovely makeup artist Stephie Hoyle and her mum with her – so it was a real honour to have been invited into such an intimate morning to capture it.

After spending the morning with Kathy, I left her to get into her gorgeous Lusan Mandongus dress and headed with the guests aboard a lovely vintage London Bus to Amber Lakes, where I caught up with Heather who had been covering Greg’s preparations, scouting out locations for later in the day and generally capturing the goings-on.

They had a beautiful ceremony performed flawlessly by Ed Hardy before exiting to the impressive sound of Piper Chic..

Greg is Scottish, so a significant portion of the crowd were too and my word, did they get the party going. As you’ll see towards the end of the coverage, they had a Ceilidh (put on by the awesome Sassanachs) in the evening and rarely have we seen a dance floor get quite so lively. The Scots sure know how to have a good time! After the band had finished for the night, the party carried on with the sound of the wonderfully talented Billy Keane.


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