Wedding Photographer Brighton

We’re based in Brighton and offer photography & videography throughout the UK.

We’re the kind of wedding photographers that will blend in with your mates and capture the magic as it happens, with zero stress.

All you need to focus on are the important bits of your day – like having an amazing party, oh and marrying your best friend!

Want to see how much joy we can capture in 87 seconds? This video is for you –

“I can’t imagine anyone you’d rather have documenting one of the most important days of your life.”


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You’ll have an amazing day, while we capture it all – in a relaxed and completely stress-free way.

We blend in with everyone, so your day will be full of real moments full of joy and laughter.

Nothing staged, nothing cheesy.

It’s about you having an amazing party, while we capture the magic.

You can have us for wedding photography, videography or both.



Relaxed + Real

We document your day as it happens, but even when things need a bit more structure  – your couple photos or the group photos for example – we still keep things relaxed and stress-free.

It’s about capturing things as they happen – not standing in a line for hours saying cheese.

It’s about keeping things flowing – not taking you away from your guests for hours making portraits.

We love making portraits, but we fit them in when they make sense to the day, not when your mum is desperate to give you a hug or your school friends want to give you a high five.

It’s about you having an amazing time, while we capture it beautifully.




You can have us for photography, videography – or both.

A film is a great addition to your photos, and equally stunning on it’s own.

Shot in the same relaxed way as our photos, films let you relive your wedding day – plus catch the bits you missed.

By hiring us for both photo and video, you both cut the down the hassle of having separate suppliers – plus we work together seamlessly – further reducing the wedding day stress.


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