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Hello, We’re Simon + Heather. A pair of relaxed, documentary wedding photographers and filmmakers.

We work with couples who want their wedding day to be a fun and relaxed party. Surrounded by family and friends, with great food, great music and lots of laughs. We’re laid-back and have a relaxed approach to wedding photography and films.

It’s about documenting the joy, laughter and fun of your wedding, while you and your guests have a fantastic time. It’s about having fun making beautiful portraits that you’ll want to print big, and it’s about capturing amazing details which celebrate all the personal touches you’ve put in.

Your wedding isn’t going to be a regular wedding; it’s going to be your wedding. We want to tell a story that is uniquely yours. We take the time to get to know you, learn what inspires and excites you and understand what will help you remember all the feelings, emotions and laughs for years to come.

We know what it’s like to be in front of the camera. It can be awkward, but we’ll make that awkwardness fun and capture relaxed, genuine photos of you being you.

3 Things you might like to know about us

  • We live in Brighton with our four-year-old, Robyn and our ridiculously large dog, Thor.
  • We’re outdoorsy – we dream of living in a cabin in a forest and love nothing more than a good woodland wander.
  • We’re keen foodies, & not ashamed of wrestling each other for the last roast potato.  

Although we work together and are rarely seen apart, we’re also individuals with our own origin stories, like the Avengers, with less spandex.

Hi, I’m Simon

I’m the main photographer and if you opt for just one photographer, I’m who you get!

I’m also Robyn’s Dad and Heather’s Partner.

I’ve been a wedding photographer for 15 years and have documented over 400 couples tying the knot – that’s a lot of confetti and more than a few canapes.

Outside of weddings, I spend a lot of time pretending to be a horse for my little girl Robyn. I’m a massive animal lover, and I have more time for dogs than perhaps anything else on earth.

In fact, the first time I met Heather’s parents, I turned up with a smelly wet stray dog I’d just found at the end of their road.

Not the best first impression.

I also did it the second time I met them, albeit with a different dog. But that’s a story for another day.

Hello, I’m Heather

I’m mama to Robyn and Simon’s partner-in-crime.

I run our wedding film business and act as the second photographer at larger weddings.

I’ve been a wedding photographer for 7 years and started the filmmaking side of the business in 2018. Before that, I have eight years of filmmaking experience and have a passion for creative storytelling.

Away from weddings, I’m a professional Food Photographer, a keen cook and I love feeding people. I’m a creative soul – always daydreaming, doodling and planning and I love to lose myself in a good book.

Family means the world to me, and I share Simon’s love for animals & I have been known to shed a few tears when editing wedding speeches.