So who is Fazackarley & how do you pronounce it?!

Well, I’m Simon – Fazackarley is my surname, and I’m a wedding photographer.

I live in Brighton, with my partner (& associate photographer!) Heather, our tiny/mischievous/curious 2 year old human – Robyn & our massive (50kg!), but friendly, dog/wolf/fluffball – Thor.

I’ve been photographing weddings for around 14 years, in that time I have had the pleasure of photographing around 400 weddings, yet I still get a huge buzz at each and every enquiry that comes in.

Nothing compares to being a part of someones special day, capturing their stories & documenting their love. It’s literally the best job ever.

I also train and mentor other photographers and offer a variety of wedding photography training.

When I’m not photographing, editing, training, mentoring or being generally immersed in weddings, I’m an outdoorsy, active kind of guy, I love spending time with the family in forests or out on adventures – & once the adventures are done for the day, we’re working our way through Netflix, currently binging on Sons of Anarchy (& contemplating buying leather jackets!), having just got up-to-date with House of Cards.

Oh, & it’s pronounced ‘Faz-ack-arr-lee’ it’s an olde English word apparently… It means ‘the clearing at the edge of the forest’, or ‘Flat land with trees’ – but, I’m pretty sure most Olde English words mean that.



Heather is my partner, proud mummy to Robyn, my associate photographer at larger weddings & takes the lead on our wedding films. As my associate photographer, Heather shoots amazing details and helps me to capture the emotions of the wedding day, shes got an amazing eye for detail, is one of the friendliest people you could meet, has a silly sense of humor and has also helped calm many an anxious bride. But Heather isn’t just a valuable member of Team Faz, she’s also a professional food & lifestyle photographer. You can see some of her beautiful photography here.



Thor’s a huge, friendly, fluffy Malamute cross German Shepherd. He doesn’t come to weddings (although he might do wonders for keeping everyone’s attention during group photos!) and tends to just lie around the studio while we’re editing. He also enjoys long walks on the downs & stealing (and eating) socks.

Anyway, enough about us – we’d love to hear about you and your wedding plans!


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