We’re Simon + Heather

Relaxed, documentary wedding photographers and filmmakers.

We work with couples who want their wedding day to be a fun and relaxed party. Surrounded by family and friends, with great food, great music and lots of laughs. We’re laid-back and have a relaxed approach to wedding photography and films.

It’s about documenting the joy, laughter and fun of your wedding, while you and your guests have a fantastic time. It’s about having fun making beautiful portraits that you’ll want to print big, and it’s about capturing amazing details which celebrate all the personal touches you’ve put in.

Your wedding isn’t going to be a regular wedding; it’s going to be your wedding. We want to tell a story that is uniquely yours. We take the time to get to know you, learn what inspires and excites you and understand what will help you remember all the feelings, emotions and laughs for years to come.

We know what its like to be in front of the camera. It can be awkward, but we’ll make that awkwardness fun and capture relaxed, genuine photos of you being you.

Things you might like to know about us

We live in Brighton with our three-year-old little girl (& aspiring supervillain) Robyn and our ridiculously large dog, Thor. We’re outdoorsy people – we dream of living in a cabin in a forest and love nothing more than a good woodland wander. We’re also keen foodies and not ashamed of wrestling each other for the last roast potato.
Although we work together, we’re also individuals with our own origin stories, like the Avengers, with less spandex.


I’m the main photographer and if you opt for just one photographer, I’m who you get! I’m Robyn’s Dad and Heather’s Partner.

I’ve been a wedding photographer for 14 years and have documented about 400 couples tying the knot – that’s a lot of confetti and more than a few canapes.

Wedding Photography found me 14 years ago. I say found me, as I didn’t set out to be a photographer. I was en-route to becoming a graphic designer when a work chum asked me to capture his wedding, my qualifications at this point being that I owned a camera and knew how to take photos of trees in my garden.

Not the best set-up admittedly, things have come on a bit since then – Although I still take plenty of pictures of trees – but they now have beautiful couples near them.

From my very first experience of wedding photography, it consumed my life and I love it. It’s a wonderful mixture of technical challenges, creativity and storytelling – set against the backdrop of a brilliant party.

My love for graphic design is still very strong and I think that’s why I’m drawn to create colourful, graphical compositions and visually compelling stories.

Outside of weddings, I spend a lot of time pretending to be a horse for my little girl Robyn. I’m a massive animal lover, and I have more time for dogs than perhaps anything else on earth. In fact, the first time I met Heather’s parents, I turned up with a smelly wet stray dog I’d just found at the end of their road.

Not the best first impression.

I also did it the second time I met them, albeit with a different dog. But that’s a story for another day.


I run our wedding film business and act as the second photographer on larger weddings. I’m mama to Robyn and Simon’s partner-in-crime.

I’ve been a wedding photographer for six years and started the filmmaking business in 2018. Before that, I have eight years of filmmaking experience and have a passion for creative storytelling.

I love finding out all about you and the plans for your special day. These valuable insights give me an initial feel for your film – whether you are deep and soulful introverts, die-hard party animals or somewhere in between!

Filming weddings is fast-paced and exciting, but for me the real thrill is back in ‘the cutting room’ when I look back through all the footage of the day and ideas for your unique film start to bubble in my head. Simon normally has to drag me away from my computer late into the evening after a day of editing because I tend to get so immersed in creating wedding films that I lose all sense of time – I love what I do and I want you to love it to!

Away from weddings, I’m a professional Food Photographer, a keen cook and I love feeding people. I’m a creative soul – always daydreaming, doodling and planning and I love to lose myself in a good book.

Family means the world to me, and I share Simon’s love for animals.

I have been known to shed a few tears when editing wedding speeches.

I have a secret stash of chocolate that Simon doesn’t know about (shush, don’t tell him!)


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Our Style

Our style is relaxed, unfussy and fun. We love to create beautiful, timeless, images filled with joy and laughter. We’ll capture the atmosphere and emotion of your wedding, building a story around all the little details – the smiles & laughter, family & friends, the dancing & speeches and everything in between.

We’ve photographed over 400 weddings, in a wide range of venues from Country Houses to Royal Palaces, Castles to Barns, as well as a few Schools and colleges – we’ve also photographed many weddings from different cultures and religions – such as indian, greek and jewish weddings.

So wherever you are getting married and whatever the structure of the day looks like – we would love to hear about your plans and discuss how we could be a part of them.


How we work.

We document your special day as it happens and blend in with your family and friends, but even when things get a bit more face-to-face – like during your couple photos or the group photos – we keep things relaxed, light and fun.

With us, it’s not about making you stand in a line for hours upon end saying cheese until your face hurts from fake smiles. It’s about making sure you have a great time and get fantastic photographs.

The only time we’ll even think of the word cheese is when we’re wondering where the evening buffet is and when we find it we’ll probably be too polite to have any (well, Simon is…)


For the upmost in consistency and quality all of our editing is done in-house. A lot of photographers outsource their editing – the editor wasn’t at your wedding – they didn’t feel what the atmosphere was like on the day, they don’t know what the vibe of the day was.

By editing all of our own photographs and films ourselves, you can be confident your story will be told in the best possible way, with the emotions and feelings lovingly and sympathetically brought out of each and every moment.


We’re proud that our work has been featured in many of the top wedding blogs including Rock my Wedding, Rock and Roll Bride, Love My Dress, Ruffled, Style Me Pretty, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings and One Fab Day.

We’ve also been featured in wedding magazines such as Your Sussex Wedding, Wedding Ideas and Brides Magazine.

It’s your day.

Our approach is relaxed; and everything we do comes back to our core belief – it’s your day, not our photo shoot.

How we work varies depending on the structure of your day, but as a guide, we’ll usually start 2-3 hours before your ceremony capturing all the preparations, details and all the little moments shared between your closest friends and family.

After this, we follow the day as it naturally unfolds, documenting your story and the atmosphere through unstaged moments, leaving you free to enjoy your wedding day – we’re always on hand to suggest great locations for photos too!

Of course, we’re happy to do more posed, formal group photos as well – after all – it’s not often you’ll have all your family and friends together, well-behaved and looking lovely. But even these we keep light and relaxed.

After the group photos, it’s usually an excellent time for you to take a break from your wedding party and we’ll make a few beautiful pictures of the two of you on your own. These photos are always a lot of fun, allow for a bit more creativity, and give you a chance to take some time for yourselves.

Throughout the afternoon we are unobtrusive, capturing the beautiful, relaxed moments, the brilliant laughter from the speeches and once the sun sets, it can be a perfect time to get a few more couple photos in the soft, dreamy light before getting you back to your family and friends for some dancing.

Some photographers leave once the first dance has finished, but we believe your wedding isn’t just the handful of hours between the ceremony and your first dance – sometimes it’s after dark when the characters truly emerge, and your story comes to life.

Because of this, we love to stay into the evening, documenting your friends letting their hair down and things getting messy.