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Helen and Will’s Bartholomew Barn Wedding – Wow, what a corker of a day. Late Autumn can traditionally be a lousy time of the year for weather – but not so for Helen and Will, the blue skies and sun had could have convinced me that I’d arrived at their wedding a few months early – The truth is, the weather was better than a lot of our August weddings!

Even though we’re based in Sussex, We travel all across the UK for weddings, so to have one (almost) around the corner from our home was a joy (you don’t appreciate the value of being home by midnight until you have a toddler!) Bartholomew Barn is a lovely wedding venue in Kirdford (- it’s literally around the corner from a venue we find ourselves at regularly, the lovely Fitzleroi Barn).

It’s a stunning barn wedding venue set against some of the loveliest countryside – of course, the sunny weather gave us a big boost – but I get the feeling this venue will work amazingly regardless of the weather – Once the autumn sun had started to fade it got cold quickly, and everyone had a fabulous time in the barn gathered around the fire.

In the build-up to weddings I’m used to receiving lots of questions or timeline information from my brides and It’s a great opportunity to get to understand what’s most important about the day from their perspective – but Helen was totally hands-off, in fact, I had more emails from her Sister Amy, who was helping her plan things. Being a doctor Helen’s busy saving lives, so it’s completely understandable, but at one point I’d had so few communications with Helen and Will, I questioned if they were actually a real client! Eeek.

But upon turning up at The Angel in Petworth for her bridal preparations on the morning of her wedding, I realized I had zero cause for concern – they were completely real and completely and utterly lovely. I was immediately welcomed into a wonderfully warm and enthusiastic group of close friends and family –  friends and family who had gathered to share an amazing day in a wonderful place and show their support a truly perfect couple. Good times!