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Heartfelt Moments, Exceptional Storytelling.

Our emotional, documentary approach celebrates your wedding from beginning to end, from the perspective of a close friend.

Luscious, rich images and honest, emotional films – evoking all the feelings from your wedding day.

Based in Sussex & available all across the UK.

Some of our favourite Documentary Wedding Photographs

Exceptional days, deserve exceptional photography.

A truly special day is approaching, you’re planning and organising to ensure it’s perfect. You don’t want to miss a moment.

Our documentary wedding photography and films tell the whole story of your day from beginning to end – as it happened.

“We’re genuinely touched by our photos, every single one is a work of art that transports us straight back to our wedding”


What is Documentary Wedding Photography?

As a documentary wedding photographer with lots of experience across a wide range of weddings, my approach is focused on capturing candid, natural and spontaneous moments throughout the day, rather than posing or directing my clients. Discreet documentary photography balances your enjoyment of the day, with beautiful photos that captured not just how it looked, but how it felt to be there.

Why choose a Documentary Wedding Photographer?

Choosing a documentary wedding photographer means having a photographer that captures candid and spontaneous moments throughout your wedding day, rather than too many staged or posed shots. This approach creates authentic and emotional images that reflect the atmosphere and energy of your day.

What is Reportage Wedding Photography?

Essentially, reportage photography is just another name for documentary photography. It’s a title for photographers work in a discreet and unobtrusive manner, allowing you to enjoy your day without feeling self-conscious or interrupted. The resulting images offer a comprehensive record of your day, including both the big emotional moments and the small details.

We’re Documentary Wedding Photographers

We’re Simon & Heather, wedding photographers and videographers helping you cherish your precious wedding memories.

You can have us for photographyvideography or both.

Our honest and emotional, documentary approach to wedding photography and videography celebrates your wedding story from beginning to end.

Weddings all across the UK.

We’re based in Sussex and provide beautiful, documentary wedding photography and videography in Sussex, the south-east, and throughout the entire UK. Nowhere is too far for a good story.

“You’ve perfectly captured the love and joy of our day. Thank you for creating such beautiful memories for us.”


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Why choose documentary Wedding Photography?

Choosing a documentary wedding photographer means that you will have a photographer who is focused on capturing candid and spontaneous moments throughout your wedding day, the approach isn’t about posing or directing you – although of course, there may be some of that – if that’s something you’d like!. The approach offer lots of benefits to a great wedding day:

Authenticity: We capture the real moments and emotions of your day, rather than staged or posed shots. This means that you will have images that truly reflect the atmosphere and energy of your wedding, and that will transport you back to those moments every time you look at them.

Unobtrusive & Discreet: As documentary photographers, we work in a discreet and unobtrusive manner, blending in with your guests to capture moments as they happen. This means that you won’t feel self-conscious or interrupted during your day, and you can focus on enjoying the moment rather than worrying about the photography.

Comprehensive Coverage: By working in a documentary style, we will capture a wide range of moments and details throughout the day, from the big emotional moments to the small details that make your wedding unique. This means that you will have a full record of your day, and won’t miss any important moments.

Emotional Connection: As documentary photographers, we do our best to capture authentic moments and emotions, this means your images will have a strong emotional impact and relevance. You will be able to look back on your images and relive the feelings and emotions of your wedding day, which can be a very powerful experience.


We only take one wedding per weekend & popular dates get booked up to 2 years in advance, so if you like what you see and want us to be a part of your day you can get in touch with us here.

400-600 for a full day’s wedding photography. However, there are no strict limits, so if it takes 700+ pictures to tell your story, that’s how many you’ll receive.

40-60 for an engagement shoot.

All the edited photos are provided ‘ready to print’ — and we encourage you to do so, photos are meant to be printed and enjoyed!

Absolutely! Whilst we predominantly work in a documentary style for the majority of the day we know that having a few group photographs is often really important to you and your family. So we’ll work with you to make sure everyone is happy and you get the all the photos you want.

We find that keeping group photos to 8-10 groups allows us to work efficiently without taking too much time away from your day. We usually do these during the drinks reception when everyone is a bit more relaxed and we keep things light and informal.

For more information, there’s a little guide here: Group Photographs.

We’ve had the privilege of providing wedding photography at many venues all across Hampshire and the New Forest & they’re all great for different styles of weddings. We’ve put together a few of our favourite venues from the South of England here: Wedding Venues in the South of England

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