Wedding Photographer Eastbourne

I’ve been a wedding photographer for 13 years now and love to tell the story of weddings through the beautiful moments, tiny details and stunning portraits. Being based in Brighton puts me a stones throw from the beautiful seaside town of Eastbourne – and so perfectly situated to provide wedding photography at venues such as All Saints Chapel, Birling Manor, Gildredge Manor, The Grand Hotel and Folkington Manor, amongst other places.

As a child I spent many a day by the beach in Eastbourne, my parents loved to pop out there and have a wander along the promenade, an ice cream on the pier – as a child I reluctantly followed, but now as an adult it’s a treat to go to Eastbourne be it for a day out, or to photograph a wedding – the pace of life is so much more relaxed than Brighton and as such makes it a great spot for a relaxed seaside wedding.

I’ve also had the opportunity to photograph lots of engagement sessions in and around Eastbourne, including the wonderfully fun Katie and Simon’s Engagement – a lovely couple who braved the cold winds to have some gorgeous photos down by the sea, ahead of their wedding at Newick Park.

How I Work.

I like to photograph weddings in a very relaxed way, I like to tell stories with my work and capture peoples memories as they happen, all the while making them look beautiful. I’m not one to interfere or boss people around, I want people to just enjoy their day, have an amazing time, laugh uncontrollably and remember it as the day they married their best friend – not as the day they were bossed around and stood in rows for endless formal photographs. Of course, I’m more than happy to do some group photographs, but even these I’ll keep light and fun, and most importantly – quick!




I’ve focused my work on storytelling since the beginning of my career, as I strongly believe that weddings are stories to be told, and that every single couple and every single wedding is wildly different, has different stories to tell and different memories that deserve capturing beautifully. I’m not one to work through a prescribed list of photographs, making every wedding I shoot look the same, save for the faces changing.

So, If you’re planning an Eastbourne Wedding and like the sound of my work, I would love to hear from you.