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Leah & Adam

Published: 16/07/14 + Updated:1/05/19 by Simon Fazackarley

Here’s a bit of midsummer gorgeousness for you in the form of Leah & Adam’s relaxed Nymans wedding.

Leah and Adam are one cool couple, so it goes without saying that they had a wedding to match, full to bursting with totally awesome details!

The wedding ceremony took place at Nyman’s Gardens and Leah and her family were staying at a cottage nearby the night before, so I met up with them there for the bridal preparations. It was also great to see Jeni Dodson, whose wedding I shot last year, doing Leah’s hair and makeup.

I spent a bit of time with Leah before heading over to Nyman’s to meet up with Adam and the rest of the wedding guests. And I was just in time to catch Adam having a final bit of guitar practice ready to play as Leah walked up the aisle to the Loggia. You don’t get more romantic than that!

After the ceremony guests were treated to a picnic lunch on the lawns of Nymans so I took the chance to steal Leah and Adam away for a few portraits in Nyman’s grounds.

Later on in the day we all headed off to nearby Copsale Hall for an outdoor wedding reception, catered by Brighton supper club hostess Cantina. The food was INCREDIBLE! As for details, woah, there were homemade cakes, outdoor games, (including pig throwing!) meadow flowers in jam jars, and all the menus and labels were designed by groom Adam, who is a designer by day.

This was such a great wedding to shoot, fantastic people, a mega creative couple, glorious weather and details a plenty!

Leah and Adam, I hope you had a fantastic time on your camper van honeymoon travels! x

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I love weddings at Nymans, not least because its 20 minutes from my home! But because it combines my favourite bits of wedding venues such as Brympton House and Thornbridge Hall.

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