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Crawley is just a short drive away from where I live, so I’m often found between there and East Grinstead for weddings at popular venues such as Alexander House, Ashdown ParkBrookfield Barn, Crawley Registy Office, Nymans and Wakehurst Place (the last two are particular favorites of ours! – we do love a good National Trust place!)

Whether you’re aiming for an opulent affair in a hotel or country house, or something a little more rustic – like a teepee in a field, there’s a ton of options available & my 13 years experience of wedding photography tells me they can all look utterly stunning.

Being so close to London makes it a perfect location to escape to the country for a wedding and with super easy transport links, and really good railway connections – it makes it a breeze to get to for everyone involved – many of my clients are London folks who fancy a break from the hustle and bustle for their wedding, and opt for a lovely country celebration – so chose Crawley and the surrounding Sussex countryside for their big day.

Even thought I’m based in Brighton, I cover the entire UK, so Crawley is truly local for me – it’s just a short trip up the A23. We’re often in the area for family gatherings, as a lot of our family lives there, so we’re really familiar with the area & know how beautiful it can be and how many opportunities their are for amazing wedding photography.

I work in a relaxed way, capturing moments, details and beautiful portraits for my couples. I’m not a bossy, shouty photographer and always aim to keep things light and have fun while I work – I’m at my best when in the background allowing the day to unfold naturally and caoturing the story as it happens, all the while allowing the bride, groom and their guests to just enjoy the day without direction or interference.

Occasionally, there are the times when I’m needed to be a little more in control, and of course,  I’m happy to do that – and pride myself on my ability to organize group photos in a quick, efficient and fun way and get the beautiful formal photos, all without taking away from the flow of the day – you’ll never hear stories of me taking away the bride and groom for an hour and a half – that’s just not my style, my main aim is that everyone has an amazing time and that I document that!

So, If you’re looking for a Crawley Wedding Photographer and like the sound of how I work, I’d love to hear from you!