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Jess & Chris

Published: 7/11/16 + Updated:31/03/20 by Simon Fazackarley

Jess & Chris got married at the Rumbolds Barn, near Billinghurst in Sussex. It’s a Barn wedding venue with wonderful outside space and a lake.  They had a fantastic outdoor ceremony surrounded by their family and friends. Drinks reception around the lake and on the lawns. The bride arrived in a Rolls Royce (Chris designed the interior!). Beautiful hand-made details in the barn. This wedding had it all.

We’ve covered lots of weddings at other barn wedding venues – Sussex Barn, Bury Court, Fitzleroi, Pangdean etc. and they always make for great days, so we were very excited to get to Rumbolds and it certainly did did not disappoint! It’s a really lovely space with beautiful gardens & a fantastic lake.

Jess & Chris planned their entire wedding remotely – as they’re based in Germany (Chris is a designer for Rolls Royce – which explains the ultra luxury wedding car, further down!) But the remote planning didn’t show on the day – everything went perfectly & every little detail was perfectly considered.

“Wow!!! The photos are absolutely amazing! We cannot thank you enough. You have captured the day so perfectly, looking through the photos feels like living the day all over again.”

I started the day with Jess in Shoreham, at her folks house – where she was preparing for the day surrounded by all her friends & family – the atmosphere was buzzing, everyone was so enthusiastic & happy, it really showed what a fabulous day it was going to be. Afterwards I headed up to Billingshurst to catch up with Chris & the boys, getting ready at Rumbolds Farm – the nerves were palpable, but everyone covered them up with laughter & brandy!

Everything took place at the barn, from the wonderful outdoor ceremony conducted by their friend – through to the delicious meal (from a Faz fave – Brighton Bakes) and onto the dancing in the evening. What a day!!

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The people that made this day:

Wedding Planner: Jess + Chris – all the way from Germany!
Venue: Rumbolds Barn
Florist: Earth, Seed to Bloom
Hair Stylist: Halls Hair Design
Dress: Truly Gorgeous
Caterers: Brighton Bakes
DJ: Sound Division

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