Brympton House Wedding

Liss & Matt

Published: 24/03/17 + Updated:31/03/20 by Simon Fazackarley

A Winter Wedding at Brympton House. A heartwarming day in the middle of winter. The chapel was decorated with beautiful candles. Liss looked ethereal in her Sarah Janks dress. They danced the night away in the party barn. Good Times!

Blimey, where to start with this  Brympton House Wedding! A few weeks ago I headed along the coast to Somerset for Liss & Matt’s wedding at the stunning Brympton D’evercy House. I regularly travel west for weddings, including places like Bath and Bristol – always fun immersing oneself in a long-distance wedding!

Liss, Matt and their army of friends took over a the beautifully grand Brympton house on a very cold day in February, they warmed the place up delightfully, by surrounding themselves with their family and friends – I always say it’s the people that make for a fantastic wedding, and the crowd here were amongst the most welcoming & friendly folks I’ve ever met! From the close family, to the guests to the little flower girls – everyone was amazing and made for a brilliant weekend full of laughter, dancing and fun.

“Thank you so much for our wedding photos, we’re absolutely ecstatic with them. We also had so many comments about how perfectly judged and in-the-spirit of the day your approach was, and everyone we’ve shown the photos to so far have been blown away.”

I first met Liss & Matt over coffee last year in Brighton, we instantly clicked over a mutual love of caffeine and barista skills. But from hearing them describe their ideas for their perfect wedding day, and getting to know them a little over the aforementioned cappuccinos – I knew the long trip west was going to be worth it & it did not disappoint!

The fact that I had a two night break from a 2 week old baby was just a bonus. (Sorry Heather!)

Brymton House is a beautiful Tudor mansion just outside of Yeovil, the architecture reminds me alot of Nymans, a wedding venue I’d been at just the week before. But unlike Nymans, which is a ruin – Brympton is very much a functioning house – one that instantly screams grandeur from the moment you head up the drive.

It’s set amongst rolling acres of countryside, with everything you could wish for from a wedding venue, from the beautiful Chapel that Liss & Matt decorated with candles – to the beautiful walled gardens, and orchard- it’s even got a lake. Although, given that it was subzero in February, we didn’t get to explore the grounds as much as we would have liked, but we’re crossing our fingers and toes for a summer wedding there – as it is a spectacular place.

Liss & Matt are my kind of people, relaxed, fun, warm and welcoming – I knew they would be, as they’re friends of Tiggy & Tommy, whose wedding I photographed some 5 years ago(!)

Tiggy & Tommy wedding was at at The Manor Barn in Hampshire (a venue which is no longer with us -RIP!) but it was wonderful to catch up with them at the wedding, not least to get some tips about babies – being that they’re somewhat experts in the subject having a 1.5yr old of their own now!

It was truly a pleasure to be along for the ride – & a massive thank you to Liss & Matt (+ everyone else!), for having me there!


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