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Kate & Chris

Published: 29/01/16 + Updated:11/09/19 by Simon Fazackarley

We’re incredibly lucky that Britain has some of the most illustrious and breathtaking wedding venues in the world – Hampton Court Palace Weddings are right at the top of that list. If you like your weddings grand – you’re in the right place.

I met Kate & Chris for the first time a few weeks before their wedding, at their venue – the majestic Hampton Court Palace.

Kate works at Hampton Court and treated me to a wonderful tour around the palace & its stunning grounds, which allowed me to see all the parts she loved & to learn a little of the history behind the place.

To say her passion for the palace shone through was a complete understatement – Kate described to me, the feelings she had when she saw the palace as a little girl, how she knew it was the place would be a huge part of her life, and that she would eventually be married there.

Following in the footsteps of all the Royalty that have wandered its halls is no small feat for anyone, but to be married in such a prestigious location takes a great deal of courage, and to make the day truly your own takes an immensely level-headed couple – and Kate and Chris are just that, it was wonderful to see them inject the day with so much personality and charm.

They told me that they wanted their wedding to be a relaxed, fun, informal yet elegant family wedding (in a palace!). They spent a lot of time making and designing the details, like the stationery and the table plan and even set up the reception venue the day before with (a lot of) help from their family to create a beautiful, summer wedding with an elegant vintage feel.

When couples pick a wedding venue that truly means something to them, and when that venue is an incredible Palace and when they put as much time, effort and consideration in as they did – you really can’t go wrong.

I started the day near the palace at Kate & Chris’ lovely house, where Kate and her army of bridesmaids were being made-up by the wonderful Carolanne Armstrong, who not only helped the girls look amazing – but she helped keep the morning calm and organised.

Kate looked exquisite in her Temperley dress and Jenny Packham shoes and her bridesmaids had the most beautiful pastel silk dresses – A perfect accompaniment to the regal backdrop!

They celebrated their wedding in The Little Banqueting House in the grounds of the palace – with the most stunning views of the River Thames and across the incredible palace gardens. Following a lovely intimate ceremony, They headed over the road to Hampton Court House for the reception & evenings entertainment.

I’ve photographed lots of weddings at Hampton Court House & it’s always a brilliant venue.

Beautiful surroundings aside, the day was filled with all the things you need for a brilliant wedding –  fun people who travelled far & wide to be there, a brilliant atmosphere & most importantly, two people who absolutely love each other!

Little break in blog action after this one – the travel schedule has ramped up and I’m off to a Bath Wedding, followed by a wedding in Wales, then two Surrey Weddings, before heading back home!

Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-001 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-002

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Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-050 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-052 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-054 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-055 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-057 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-058
Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-081 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-082 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-087 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-088 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-089 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-092 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-093 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-094 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-097 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-098 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-100 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-107 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-108 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-109 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-112 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-104 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-116 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-117 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-118 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-119 Kate-Chris-Hampton-Court-Palace-Wedding-120


Hampton Court Palace Wedding Prices

We get alot of emails from people asking us about how much it costs to get married at Hampton Court palace, I’m not able to offer exact details on pricing, You’re probably best contacting them directly to enquire pricing and availability.
But what I can say, is you will not find a more regal venue.


If you’re planning your Hampton Court Palace Wedding and are looking for a photographer to capture your story, then please –

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